Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Time Gentlemen, Please

I've often imagined the scene: Standing in front of a large orchestra at the Albert Hall, conducting some of our music. Well, I'm not quite experiencing that, but I have been working with a professional producer who has the most amazing box of tricks. With the aid of computerized technology he can, quite simply, muster up a whole orchestra. What a train set! It's amazing watching him summon up a bank of french horns (beautifully sampled so they really do sound right) with the push of a button, or a set of tympani, without the bother of tuning them.

This has taken our work to a whole new level and the idea is to produce a symphony of our music and then turn it into a visual/dance/narration/musical presentation. To get the producer in the right frame of mind and help him bring forth these amazing sounds, I suggested he imagined himself standing on the podium in front of thousands of people at a concert hall, waiting to count in the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. It worked!

The guiding verses for the Absolute Gospel Company are from the book of 1 Chronicles, which include the words: '...every willing man skilled in any craft will help you'. We have a great team of people helping in the work. Some are not Christians, but the Lord in His wisdom provides the skills we need.

Last week we were at an engravers and banner makers, negotiating for two 6 foot high banners with our name and logo on. These will first be used at our outdoor Christmas singing at Bluewater, Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge. The choir at the moment is busy rehearsing Christmas music for those venues.

Soon the year will turn and we look forward to projects in the New Year: The continuation of the Bible School; performances of Yeshua Messiah; the feasts; and possibly the Christmas musical Stargifts. We shall see; we don't want to run ahead of the Lord.

Now where's that conductor's baton?