Thursday, 4 October 2012

Busking for the Lord

It's amazing how a bus can change the sound of a choir. Singing outside Christ Church in Tonbridge High Street with the choir recently, we were also very near to a bus stop. Every time a bus pulled up our volume doubled, as the sound of the choir and the backing music reflected back at us from the side of the bus. It meant that those walking by and those in the bus queue got a double dose! It was a great afternoon. Our numbers were somewhat depleted due to colds and other ailments; nonetheless we had the right balance of parts and McDonald's opposite was once again treated to about an hour of our singing.

We were also able to give out many tracts and booklets. The old ice cream box in which these were stored was on the ground near the feet of the front row of the choir. Suddenly a young woman who had walked past returned and threw a pound coin into the box. We were now in the realm of buskers! It will be interesting to see how June our treasurer will enter that contribution in the books: income from busking?

We were so encouraged by people's response; they stopped on both sides of the road to listen and an ex-London Transport bus on wedding duty gave us a big hoot. We even had people dancing! People are open to the Gospel!

We are now rehearsing for the 'Mall Tour', plus an evening with an Israeli Messianic pastor who is touring this country. Once again we will be in the midst of Christmas shoppers, proclaiming the eternal message of hope to people laden down with shopping and cares. Perhaps, tho', we should be careful this time where we leave our little box!