Friday, 20 September 2013

That's An Awful Lot of Sheep!

Here we are, moving towards the end of September, having just celebrated the Feast of Tabernacles. We had as our special guest Bishop Mussa Magwela, from the diocese of Geita in Tanzania, an area near Lake Victoria. This giant of a man has 90 diocese and over 400 congregations to watch over, including 60 islands on Lake Victoria. That's a lot of sheep! It was a great privilege talking to this man of God. He told us about the plan to transport a ship from Mombasa to Lake Victoria - across land! I said that Noah had got there first. The project means sailing the ship to Mombasa, taking it apart and then transporting it across land to Lake Victoria, where it will be reassembled. This will cost £2 million pounds and they are well on the way to achieving the necessary funding. The ship will be a floating hospital, specialising in dentistry and eye treatment. The Bishop was so sad that this country appears to be losing its spiritual way; it's Africa and the South Americans who are seeing revival on an unprecedented scale.

This weekend Jenny and I will be flying to Spain to undertake an hour-long interview for Revelation Television. This will give us a wonderful opportunity to share with a world-wide audience the work of The Absolute Gospel Company and the plans we believe the Lord is leading us into. I will also have the opportunity to bring a 15-20 minute message, which again will allow me to share the prophetic message we believe we have been given as a Company.

The following week-end the choir will be travelling to The Park, Moggerhanger, near Bedford, to share in a week-end festival called 'Alight in the Park' where the theme will be the reconciliation of Jew and Gentile: One new man in Christ. Then, the following week, we shall be coming together for another Bible School session, when the theme will be 'Messianic prophecies in the book of Zephaniah'. We must work, as Jesus said, "whilst there is still light". We also have our first Christmas booking, an invitation to sing at Bluewater, a large shopping mall east of London.

We are also recording new music for a future musical based on the book of Job and a play about Dreyfus the Jew is also awaiting production. Busyness, though, is not necessarily spirituality. We, as a Company, need wisdom to what to say 'yes' and what to say 'no' to.

We need a Divine shepherd to keep the sheep in order and following Him, not wandering off doing their own thing, however green the grass looks. But, in faith, we work on, seeking to build the 'temple' that is the Lord's Kingdom.

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