Monday, 4 November 2013

Of Eagles and Bling

The heat of Malaga airport hit us as we disembarked from the aircraft. We were in Andalucia to record interviews with Revelation Television and to fulfil a televised preaching engagement. The hot dry landscape of Spain spread out before us, a chequered carpet of vineyards and small farms. Gaunt mountains wrinkled by the sun stood snowless above the plains. This is the land of one of my favourite authors, Laurie Lee, who had written of this place years ago in his book 'As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning'. He exchanged the enveloping green of a Gloucestershire England for the salty sea villages of southern Spain. 

A studio in a garage basement we were told. Some garage! It was a converted underground car park, with several studio sets rigged. We were most impressed with this professional set up and the opportunity it gave to raise the profile of the Company and its work. As well as the preaching session Jenny and I also had the opportunity to record two sessions in the 'In Conversation' series. We were able to talk not only about the musicals, but also about the work of the Bible School and other projects. This channel is doing a tremendous work, ranging from interviews, testimonies and services to profiling political and social issues with a spiritual perspective. Israel is strongly profiled. It is a unique station. We were so encouraged by the hospitality and kindness that we were shown. An added bonus was the use of a beautiful apartment that overlooked both the sea and the mountains.

We had opportunity for some down time. I can understand why Brits like to retire here. The beach was quiet. For two days we enjoyed the sea and sunshine as well as the numerous beach sellers with their hand-held cargoes of bright clothing, sun winking jewellery and bunches of watches, all guaranteed for life of course and accompanied by the comments 'bling bling, 'cheap cheap' and 'lovely jubbly’: Mediterranean Del Boys!

We also had opportunity to travel high into the mountains by cable car with the added bonus of being treated to a display of birds of prey, including two magnificent, majestic eagles and grand eagle owls with great round faces and deep staring eyes. This was followed by a display of Spanish horse riding with proud shining horses and gorgeous colours worn by the riders.

Back in wind-swept England we now look forward to the Mall Tour as we minister with the choir and tell the Christmas story through song and reading to spiritually hungry people in Bluewater and Beales. Next year we celebrate together 30 years of ministry with the choir. In the power of the Spirit our strength shall be renewed like the eagle's, those magnificent creatures that we saw gliding and diving in a clear, hard blue sky, catching the thermal winds. May we too, in the coming months of work for the Messiah, catch the wind of the Spirit.

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